Sky Garage versus Encore

BUYER: Domenico Dolce

LOCATION: 11th Avenue, New York, NY

PRICE: $29,000,000

SIZE: 7,046 sq ft

DESCRIPTION: Although the financial industry fracas and global economic meltdown of the last year or so has put the New York City luxury real estate market on life support, there are a few flickers and significant signs that it just may survive the crash. Case in point is the unexpected $37,000,000 purchase at the still wildly expensive A.M. Stern designed 15 Central Park West and the recent purchase of two dee-luxe doo-plex condos smack in the middle of the Chelsea Arts District by a limited liability company connected to Italian fashion designer Domenico Dolce that totaled a spine tingling $29,000,000. Totally private and at last something completely different!

CHARLOTTE'S EQUIVALENT: Encore condos now preselling, sales handled by The McDevitt Agency, offers a similar product but for under $4.9 million and approx 6700 sq ft with a 3 car en-suite garage (versus $29,000,000 for 7,000 sq ft and a 2 car garage). Check it out at or http://www.encoreparkingcom/ for a direct link to the car elevator system computer generated video.

LOCAL LUXURY REAL ESTATE: Visit The McDevitt Agency's Luxury Division for info on luxury real estate in Charlotte.

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